Salty Sailor – Salty Preset Pack & Brushes

Salty Sailor – Salty Preset Pack & Brushes

It is love at first sight! The Salty Preset Pack is for the vibrant, the bold, and the beautiful. Included is 2 finishers, 3 tones, 4 color presets, 2 black and white presets, and 8 brushes. The Salty Preset Pack will decrease your editing time, give you the bright, bold, vibrant colors and beautiful tones you’ve been striving for.


The current and up to date versions of: Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud, Adobe Lightroom Mobile, and Adobe Camera Raw.
The full preset pack is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw Only.
Only the presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud and Adobe Lightroom Mobile – the brushes will not be able to be installed.


4 Color Presets- Salty01, Salty02, Salty03, Salty04
2 Black and White Presets- Salty05, Salty06
3 Tones- Salty Cool, Salty Earthy, Salty Warm
2 Finishers- Salted01, Salted02
8 Brushes – Salty- Darken Details, Salty- Eyes, Salty- Skin, Salty- Sky Cool, Salty- Sky Moody, Salty- Sky Warm, Salty- Subject Enhance, Salty- Teeth


Duplication and distribution of Salty Preset Pack is illegal and punishable by law. There are no returns or exchanges on digital products. All sales are final. By purchasing, you agree to these terms.


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