Salty Sailor Presets

Salty Sailor Presets is a family-owned business specializing in photography presets and editing courses for photographers. To us, photography is about capturing moments to remember forever. Our Preset Packs and Editing Courses are designed to help you perfect your craft to tell the stories that matter most.

How We Set Sail

Photography has been a huge part of our lives for over a decade. As sisters, we’re two totally different souls with diverse styles, interests, and visions. Yet, despite our contrasts, we share a love for photography. 

We grew up by the ocean with surfboards in tow and salty air running through our hair. It doesn’t matter how far we travel; the ocean will always feel like home. So it was only natural that we paid homage to the sea with our name. We even have our own in-house Salty Sailor, Michelle, who has been serving Active Duty in the US Coast Guard for over nine years. If you didn’t know, a Salty Sailor is someone with lots of experience aboard a ship. 

The Salty Sailor is a passion project for us. We’re excited to share our knowledge and expertise in photography with all of you to help you become the captain of your own ship. 

For now, Stay Salty!

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