WithLuke Lightroom Presets – The Ultimate Collection

WithLuke Lightroom Presets - The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection contains 60 Lightroom Presets for Adobe Lightroom – fully compatible with both Desktop & Mobile versions of Lightroom, optimised for a natural and soft colour balance with a distinct tonal style. These presets have been curated over the past two years and are suitable for a variety of shooting conditions and environments.

I have designed these presets to work on RAW files from Canon, Sony, Nikon, and Fuji cameras and have tested on multiple mobile camera RAW files. The presets work on both Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile, including all older LRT versions.

Included is also a set of 25 unique WithLuke Lightroom Shortcuts for tone curve and split tone adjustments on the go as well as 10 bonus presets that I use for my commercial work.

My presets will speed up your workflow inLightroom and will act as a base to transform your edits. They are also an effective way for you to learn how to edit by working backwards from my preset to understand the process I have applied throughout the workflow.

This pack contains 60 presets in total:

  • 25 Landscape Presets
  • 10 Aerial (Drone) Presets
  • 15 Portrait Presets
  • 10 Commercial Presets
  • 10 Tone Curve Sets
  • 10 Split Tone Sets
  • Film Grain Shortcuts
  • 10 of my RAW files for you to edit on
  • User Guide

My presets are designed to retain natural skin tones whilst adding a unique cinematic styling to your images.



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