Twyla Jones Emotional Storytelling[workshop]

Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

Twyla Jones wants to help you do more than document that you existed– she wants to help you show that you lived passionately and loved madly. This course is designed to help you build confidence in your creative vision and abilities so that you are able to produce authentic, emotive imagery. You will discuss how to infuse your unique voice into your client work to create photographs you’re excited about. You will build your confidence in technical aspects such as lighting, choosing locations, and editing so that you are free to focus on creating images inspired by each unique client and location thus producing an authentic experience every time.

You will leave inspired– inspired to listen to yourself, confident in your ability to create beauty, driven to share something of meaning, and fulfilled with the quality and content of your work.


• Building Confidence: the importance in knowing the value of YOU and how connecting with who you really are will make the work you produce more satisfying and flow organically

• Finding Your Voice: how to fully recognize all the beauty and love in life and how to infuse those emotions into sessions

• Inspiration: where to look and how to harness beautiful experiences into your own creative voice

• Choosing a Location: what to look for in landscapes and quality of light to create a feeling of intimate seclusion

• Lighting: harnessing any quality of light to create emotive imagery in any situation

• Posing/Directing: how to approach and connect with different types of subjects from small children to shy dads and everyone in between, how to produce stirring photographs even when your subjects are difficult to work with

• Editing: Twyla’s color and black and white workflow

• Personal Projects: the importance of personal projects and opening yourself up to all the amazing opportunities that await you


A beautiful eBook

Tips/Tricks/Tweaks for evoking more emotion from any pose and client

Color and Black & White preset

Exercises to help connect you with your voice

Base Poses: go-to poses to guide your sessions giving you the confidence you need to better connect with your clients and create more emotional imagery

Shooting video: sunset family session (mother and child)

Shooting video/images: personal project in harsh light

Editing video: black and white image

Editing video: color image

Q & A video

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Twyla Jones recently moved to Florida with her fiancé and their two sons after growing up running around the woods and fields of Kansas. She has a degree in Human Biology but shifted her focus to photographing human connection instead. She is obsessed with beautiful light and looking for magic everywhere, focusing heavily on creating environments that foster meaningful connections between her subjects. It is her desire to create photographs that do more than serve as proof that you existed, she want to show that you lived passionately and loved madly. She enjoys sharing the way she sees beauty with other photographers and helping others find the confidence they need to create meaningful artwork for both themselves and their clients.


   Twyla Jones

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