TheBrim® SUCOMO™ Pipeline for ARRI

TheBrim® SUCOMO™ Pipeline for ARRI

Includes ​Linny for ARRI & Linny VFX

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​Advanced subtractive color modeling LUT Kit for ARRI’s Alexa family of cameras. Includes the following LUTs in 16x16x16, 32x32x32 sizes ofboth .CUBE and .AML formats: 

Standard Linny LUT for ARRI:

  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny 
  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny + Print B0
  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny + Print B1
  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny + Print B2
  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny + Print B3
  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny + Print B4

Smooth Saturation Transient Linny LUT for ARRI:

  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny SST
  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny + Print B0 SST
  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny + Print B1 SST
  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny + Print B2 SST
  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny + Print B3 SST
  • TheBrim® Alexa Linny + Print B4 SST

Linny VFX

The kit includes the following LUTs in 16x16x16, 32x32x32 and 64x64x64 sizes of .CUBE, Unwrapped Cube .TIFF, .ICC files and preset variants for Adobe Camera RAW:  

Classic Mode Linny VFX LUTs:

  • TheBrim® Linny VFX
  • TheBrim® Linny VFX + Print B0
  • TheBrim® Linny VFX + Print B1 
  • TheBrim® Linny VFX + Print B2
  • TheBrim® Linny VFX + Print B3
  • TheBrim® Linny VFX + Print B4

Along with the Classic Mode additional Linny VFX modes are also included:

  • Linny VFX SST – Smooth Saturation Transient Mode

For use with problematic saturation and hue transients.

  • Linny VFX HRM – Highlight Retention Mode 

Retains highlight areas by lowering the white point. 

  • Linny VFX HRM+SST – Highlight Retention Mode with Smooth Saturation Transients

Combined variant of the above mentioned modes.

Learn more about SUCOMO™ color science here, and about Linny VFX here.

The ARRI Linny Kit alsocontains a special version of Linny LUT indicated with “SST” (Smooth Saturation Transients) in the file and folder name, this version of Linny LUT should only be used in cases of extreme Out-of-Gamut / Edge-of-Gamut colors, which are usually generated by highly saturated colored LED light sources which cause the camera sensor to incorrectly render the luminosity levels of affected areas and in more extreme cases to develop color artifacting. Linny SST LUTs are not an accurate representation of the SUCOMO™ Subtractive Color Science and should only be used when necessary.


  • Apply exposure changes before / underneath the LUT. We advise affecting only the luminance with these exposure changes, without changing the saturation levels or chrominance levels.
  • In case of Out-of-Gamut / Edge-of-Gamut colors correct either the color saturation level or luminance level of that specific color before / underneath the LUT. 
  • For general best performance and in case of “banding” or other artefacting within DaVinci Resolve be sure to switch to an appropriate LUT interpolation algorithm. You can do this in DaVinci Resolve by going to “Settings” then to the “Color Management“ tab, under “3D Lookup Table Interpolation” switch to “Tetrahedral”.
  • If you are using Linny VFX for processing photographic work we suggest shooting RAW and processing the images with the supplied ACR/Lightroom presets for the highest possible performance.


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