The Archetype Process – THE GREEN PACK PRO V6

The Archetype Process – THE GREEN PACK PRO

The Green Pack Pro includes film profiles that will give you great looks no matter what you are photographing. From the incredibly popular Pro400H in several different exposures to discontinued films such as Pro160S, Pro160C and Pro800Z, you will find a look you love.

Add the legacy option for Adobe Lightroom for our complete library of profiles dating back to the beginning of C1ick in 2018.


The lowest contrast of The Green Pack Pro. Pro160S is known for soft skin tones and colors. The Pro160 film profile is a great choice for wedding, portrait and fashion photography.


Vivid with high contrast. Pro160C is perfect for everything from landscapes and architecture to portrait and fashion photography.


The most popular film profile in The Green Pack Pro, Pro400H is known for it’s impressionistic rendering of life with beautiful skin tones and soft colors. Pro400H is a great match for wedding, portrait, fashion and commercial photography.


The highest color saturation of the film profiles in The Green Pack Pro. Pro800Z is a high contrast, vivid film that is great for weddings, portraits and fashion photography.

**Frontier and Noritsu versions of all films are included**

The Archetype Process profiles for Lightroom work in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) 10.3 and newer, Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 and newer, Lightroom CC 1.3 and newer, and Lightroom Mobile.

The Archetype Process for Capture One is compatible with Capture One 10.1.2 and newer. Earlier versions do not support The Archetype Process Styles.


   The Archetype Process

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