The Archetype Process

The Archetype Process started in the Summer of 2009 with the attempt to emulate film. Within about a year, I knew for the most part the way that it needed to be done, but the tools weren’t available…so I had to wait. Instead of waiting, I decided to learn as much as I could so that when the time came, I was ready. In April 2018, the wait was over…the day I was able to, I created over 20 profiles that I had worked on over the years and as they say, “the rest was history.”

The Archetype Process profiles are scientifically based off of the way a Frontier or Noritsu scanner interprets the film that is being scanned. Technically it means, I am interpreting the way a machine interprets the way a film is interpreting reality…kinda crazy huh?

Our main goal with The Archetype Process is to empower photographers with great film looks and to preserve those looks for the future.

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