Reverie + Oak PNW Presets

Full Pacific Northwest Bundle suitable as first-time Reverie + Oak purchase. If you own original R+O preset/profile pack, please see listing for Pacific Northwest ADD ON PACK. 

MUST USE LRC TO IMPORT BRUSHES. Presets and Profiles compatible with LR and LRC version 7.3 & above, and ACR version 9.1 & above.

NOT FOR MOBILE LIGHTROOM, INCLUDING IPAD (may be synced to mobile from LR desktop though)

17 color presets:

Ranging from rich + moody, to true to life, to warm + creamy, to 70s film-inspired, to editorial, along with three silky, rich black and white presets. Perfect for signature style exploration!

4 creative profiles:

*Ashland, Seattle, Slow Like Honey and Vancouver

20 brushes:

*Adios Flaming Skin

*Brighten Shadowy Group Of People

*Brush On Levels 

*Cherry Chapstick

*Creamy + Sharp

*Dark Hair Saver

*Eye Area Clean & Light

*Eyebrow Filler Inner

*More Color In Skin

*Real Looking White Teeth

*Shadows Off Faces

*Silk Skin

*Subtle Spotlight

*Super Soft Subject Define

*Tame Warm Skin

*Transition Lens Fix

*Violet Sky

*Warm Drama


   Reverie + Oak

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