Photography Guide to Japan [PDF]


302-page eBook detailing tips and techniques on capturing Japan’s top 50 photography locations. Complete with 120 additional locations and over 300 reference images.

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Discover the best photography spots in Japan

After having spent more time discovering Japan than most locals would in their entire lives, let me share my top 50 photography locations all up and down Japan.

  • 50 of the best photography locations in Japan, in detail.
  • Descriptions, capture tips, timings, and techniques for every location.
  • Includes 120 additional locations to discover.
  • Every region in Japan covered.
  • Over 300 reference images.
  • Notes about Japanese festivals, food, accommodation, transport, culture, and language.
  • PDF format so you can keep it on your devices forever.

Specifically for photography

Move over, Lonely Planet. This guide is specifically for photography. I’ve travelled to many of these locations multiple times across different times of year, so I’m able to provide the absolute best timings and photography tips for these magical places.

  • Japan’s top 50 photography locations, sorted by region.
  • Each entry is complete with descriptions, fun facts, hidden gotcha’s, tripod usage, best time of day and year to visit, which season is the best, how to shoot it, example images, how to get there, and more.
  • Many local gems you would only find out about if you speak Japanese or know a local in that area.
  • 120 additional locations across Japan to check out if you have extra time in that region.

Travel tips too!

Of course, photography isn’t everything. There are so many other things that contribute to having a great experience during your time in Japan.

  • Japan-wide major events and festivals list.
  • Notes on accommodation styles, food types, etc.
  • The best methods on how to travel within Japan with time and price considerations.
  • Culture notes on the differences between western cultures and Japanese culture.
  • Basic Japanese survival words and phrases.

Always with you

This book is digital so you can always have it with you while you’re travelling. Look up reference images, get exact locations, all when you’re on the go.

  • This eBook is mobile-optimised for reading on any digital device
  • PDF format – Readable via any app that reads PDF. Best on Adobe Acrobat mobile.
  • Interactive hyperlinks to maps for each location


   Pat Kay

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