These presets were a long time in the making. I’ve been shooting film a lot in the last few years, and it still inspires me more than anything – the colors, the grain, the unpredictable nature of light. So making presets that are as close as actual film is an optimistic goal.
But after almost a year of studying scans and experimenting with all kinds of film stocks, I’m happy to finally send these out into the world for other photographers to enjoy and hopefully inspire more people to try film and appreciate its unique and timeless look.


The LKO Film set from Lukas Korynta contains a total of 14 presets with 10 color and 4 BW presets. It also includes an additional toolset to control various settings. Furthermore, you can access 6 frames that mimic the medium format and 35mm film scans. Our AI Toolkit only work with LR 11 or higher. The mobile version of the Lightroom presets does not include the toolset. The mobile files cannot be purchased solely. They are only available in the bundle option.


   Meridian Presets

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