Gamut – Canon BaseLUTs for C-Log 2

Canon BaseLUTs for C-Log 2

We developed our own custom Canon Log 2 Conversion LUT that has great retention in the highlights, well balanced saturation levels, and an accurate colorimetry response for consistent results. This is a technical LUT designed to give your footage the best accurate starting point before adding any creative LUTs to the mix. This will be your new favorite go-to Conversion LUT!

Compatible with the following software:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • (any software that can load a LUT)

3D LUT in .cube format in 33x size


Compatible with Canon Cameras shooting in C-Log 2:

  • CANON C70, EOS R5 (RAW), 1DX Mark III (RAW), C200 (RAW), C300 Mark II & III, C500 Mark II, C700
  • If your camera isn’t listed, it still may be compatible. We have currently only tested on cameras listed above. If you want to make sure these LUTs work with your camera, just use the Contact Form to reach out and we can check for your camera compatibility.

For more information on camera profiles we recommend and a full camera compatibility list, please check out this link: Recommended Camera Profile Settings


Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download of the LUT file that you can use in any Software that recognizes .cube files.

This pack consists of:
(1x) gamut C-Log 2 Conversion LUT

When you checkout, you can create a login account so you can access all your download links. You will get access to all future updates as well as any additional LUTs that are added to this pack as they get released. If you experience any issues with the LUTs you can email us by visiting our Support page.

Learn More

  • Skin TonesGet a clean skin tone balance that is not overly pink that other LUTs sometimes produce.
  • HighlightsYou will get pleasing highlight roll-off as well as maximum highlight retention without losing information.
  • EnvironmentWhether you are filming in natural light or at a venue where the lights have strong saturation levels, these LUTs will handle it all with ease.

Should I Film in Log?

When filming in a LOG profile, you will notice a very flat looking image. Filming in LOG allows more information to be captured by the camera and can give stunning results when properly graded and adjusted in post. However, it can be difficult to expose properly or nail white balance every time. You want the colors you see when filming to be the colors you see when grading. That is where the Gamut Conversion LUTs come in. If you have a monitor, you can load these Conversion LUTs and view your footage in real-time when filming and know that you are exposing properly and see a properly adjusted image.  So grab these LUTs and you will be set when filming and grading.

Canon Camera Settings

When filming in Canon Log 2, use these settings for optimal results:

– Canon Log = ON
– Color Matrix = Neutral
– Color Space = C.Gamut (Cinema Gamut)
– Gamma = Canon Log 2
– Highlight Tone Priority = OFF
– Picture Style = OFF

*Note: For proper exposure with these LUTs, you will want to film with an 18% gray card around 45 on the IRE scale for Canon Log 2. (over expose by around 1/2 stop)

Why Default Canon LUTs Fall Short

When comparing Canon’s default LUTs to our Gamut conversion LUTs, you can see that the colors particularly in the skin tones are more lifeless with a stronger magenta cast to them. Also, in the brightest parts of footage, the Canon default LUT will clip that extra highlight detail so you are losing important data.

With Gamut LUTs, we have optimized the skin tones to reflect the accurate colors they should be while allowing for richer truer colors. Also, we have dialed in our highlights to retain better information so that you can maximize the dynamic range of your footage without losing that extra data when grading.

Match with Other Cameras

The beauty of the Canon Log 2 Conversion LUT is that they work with our other conversion LUTs. Currently there is support for Panasonic V-Log and V-Log LSony S-Log3 and S-Log2DJI DLog-M, and now Canon C-Log 2 and C-Log/C-Log 3. When shooting with those cameras and a drone, now you can rest assured that the color will produce consistent results across all your footage!

Works with All Gamut LUTs

Want to use our other Gamut creative LUT packs like Timbre on top of this conversion LUT,  then you don’t have to worry. These LUTs are optimized for ALL our Gamut packs so you can get the foundational conversion LUT added before adding the other LUTs on top. We just recommend keeping the creative LUT’s dialed to 50% or to taste for the best results. It’s important to not “bake” our creative LUTs into a LOG version so that you can dial the look yourself to taste for the most flexibility.



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