G-PRESETS PACK 03 MARK II Lightroom Presets

G-PRESETS PACK 03 MARK II Lightroom Presets

G-PRESETS PACK 03 MARK II Lightroom Presets

The all new Pack 03 Mark II is a proper glow up. So if you’ve been wondering what the future of presets looks like, welcome to the party.

This pack has been converted into Custom Profile Sliders, which means that you now have the unique ability to turn a preset up or down in its entirety by simply using the slider. Quickly slide a preset down when shooting in harsh light to avoid overwhelming the image, or, take on that sliver of sun leaking into your lens by sliding the preset up and teasing out more contrast. Yeah… it’s really that easy. Pack 03 Mark II also contains Minus (-) versions of each preset that lowers the contrast, retains highlights and skin tones, and fades the blacks. The possibilities with these are truly endless.

Although I stayed true to the spirit of the original Pack 03, I’ve doubled down on the moody tonality in this Mark II update while also dialing in some of my most delicious warmth yet. Plus, the newly added folder of presets includes both a cool and a warm version of each preset so you can swing an image to either side of the spectrum whenever and however you please.

Pack 03 Mark II contains 54 presets in total(Yes, 54 presets!). And because the Preset Sliders amplify their ease of use, this entire pack is super versatile and approachable for everyone to use. Regardless of your lighting conditions, you’re only one slide away from gorgeous results.

Included are 52 color and 2 black & white presets.

Before and after shots below show just how impactful they are. Keep in mind, these are one-click to show you exactly how they manipulate the image with identical white balance and exposure on both images.

*These presets ONLY work with Lightroom Classic CC (version 7.5 or later), Lightroom CC (version 1.3 or later), and Adobe Camera Raw (version 10.5 or later). For earlier versions, you MUST update your editing applications to meet the required specifications. 

**Purchase of this preset pack DOES NOT include lrtemplate files.

***Please note that these presets are created for RAW images only and are ONLY Compatible with the software versions above. 

****These are Desktop Presets(NOT Mobile Presets).


This desaturated preset looks amazing on images where the subject is brought forward as the main focus. It’s real moody with a hint of warmth. The clean version restores saturation in the yellows and greens for an overall beautiful warmth.


Preset 2 is the definition of moody warmth. Strong contrast and a hazy overlay in the highlights creates a bold muting effect. The clean version offers a softer contrast while restoring some of the original saturation.


An invigorating mix of vibrance and mood, Preset 3 boasts subtle warmth that brings ample life to images with a generous helping of contrast. The clean version brings even more contrast, saturation, and brighter whites.


Preset 4 brings brown tones front and center for first-class mood and showstopping warmth. The Clean version offers brighter contrast, vibrant blues and greens, and rich skin tones.


One of the most vibrant and contrasted presets in the pack, Preset 5 brings life to dull images without overwhelming or feeling phony. The clean version sheds a bit of the warmth to recapture blues while adding a pop of contrast.


BWFor this BW preset I wanted something dramatic and playful and managed to find a beautiful combo with muted highlights, deep contrast, and a slight warmth. The Clean version offers even cleaner contrast, brighter whites, and sharper skin tones.


Preset 7 is fuss-free and focused on warm tones and clean contrast. This preset is effortless and satisfying to use on just about any image.


This preset is reminiscent of Preset 7, only it offers slightly warmer skin tones and a range of whispering reds that flatters every skin tone in an image.


Preset 9 is ultra toasty in the shadows and creates a uniquely dynamic and faded energy in its contrast. This one is a dang good time to use and never ceases to delight.


Looking for a slightly more yellow warmth? Preset 10 is your ticket for just that. This one tones down redness in skin tones, brightens whites, and emboldens contrast for adding serious energy to an image.


Preset 11 saturates greens and yellows while effortlessly retaining highlights. Pro tip* The warm version of this preset is downright gorgeous with its noticeably unique brown tones and whites that are brimming with integrity.


Moody and dark contrast with a trace of magenta in the skin tones lead the way in Preset 12. The warm version invites in a more yellow warmth to the shadows while keeping the whites from getting too warm.


Preset 13 is both vibrant and optimistic. This preset preserves yellows, greens, blues, and skin tones and is truly lovely on images where big emotions and raw connection dominate the frame.


The most vivid preset in the entire pack, Preset 14 is ideal for photos where you want to retain natural color in the image while still pumping in serious vibrancy. This preset is particularly wonderful to use when natural elements are filling the frame.



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