These Mood Enhancers waste no time giving images a charming  “je ne sais quoi” quality. With undeniable versatility, they’re a simple add-on for teasing out depth and dimension from any edit by delicately gathering and focusing light to key areas of the photo. And because they’re easily moveable, you can quickly manipulate how and where the enhancers lay over each image.

Included are 17 custom graduated filter presets for Horizontal images and 17 for Vertical images (34 total).

Before and after shots below show just how impactful they are. Keep in mind, these are one-click to show you exactly how they manipulate the image with identical exposure on both images.

*Please note that these are not color manipulating presets. They are only graduated filters that manipulate light in specific areas of an image. Works with RAW, JPEG images in Lightroom 4-Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Camera Raw.

*All Sales Are Final – No Returns



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