[eBook] India Earl Guiding What to Wear

[eBook] India Earl Guiding What to Wear

Who is this guide for?

It is catered towards photographers and videographers shooting couples especially, but everything in here can be applied towards ANY kind of portraiture where you have some say over what your clients wear such as shooting families, children, seniors, lifestyle, etc

What do I get?

· A downloadable PDF file with over 45 pages of information, examples, experiences, guidance, guided templates, and more!

· Access to my personal “what to wear guide” that I send out to all of my clients to help guide you as a detailed template for creating your own!

· There is no separate editable template file included for your personal what to wear guide as I recommend keeping it on your website for easy editing/tweaking and to save money paying a designer or for another program!


   India Earl

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