This pack is a nod to the past and present. It is the perfect blend between an older film-style aesthetic and a newer cinematic softness, bringing story to your photos. Both presets are versatile and allow you to edit to your liking while keeping that distinctive style it gives. Whether you’d like to fine-tune your color foundation or transition to black and white, these presets will propel your work into a developed style.

• Experienced at editing but still want to take it up a notch?
• Lost or don’t have a certain look in mind but want to dial it in?
• You have the knowledge of colors but want it cohesively come together?
• Got a love for the film look but not sure how to get there?

Past and Present offers a dialed-in cinematic look perfect for your editing. The color theory is well thought out within Silky allowing you to achieve a smooth and softer finish to the overall essence of the image. Nostalgic delivers range to your black and whites. Enjoy a cleaner aesthetic or dive into the grainier side for the past look of film.

The Silky preset delivers a softer cinematic look to bring that emotion out in your photos. A deeper color tone with a hint of mood sums up this overall vibe. You’ll have a wide range of modifiers to quickly elevate your photos to the desired look while keeping a consistent tone. Each of the modifiers has been developed to enhance your photos with a quick click.

Modifiers: The Cool Down, The Warm Up, Punch it, Tone Shadow, Silk Highlights.

The Nostalgic preset gives off the very essence of a film shot with the versatility of a clean or grainy look. This black and white pulls you into a past aesthetic while keeping that modern-day touch. Included are modifiers designed to give you specific control to easily tune your photos. Stay as clean as you wish or play with the fade/grain amount to your liking. Though the color is now greyscaled, the overall undertone is true to the Shortstache aesthetic with a deeper s-curve.

Modifiers: Lift It, Shade It, Soften

Past and Present Modifiers were developed to enhance your photos with a quick click giving you specific control to easily tune your photos. Whether it’s warming an image up or cooling it down or softening it, these modifiers allow you to “modify” the Past and Preset and save time on your editing.

Shortstache Tools were built to save time and add that something extra to your images. Whether it’s adding that custom shortstache grain or leveling out your image, these are clutch. You can quickly turn them on and off with ease. Very useful!




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