The Ocean Series is the 2nd instalment of Daniel’s preset collection, The Elements Collection that contains 7 Lightroom Presets, 17 Tools, and a comprehensive User Guide available for Desktop focusing on deep blue hues, and golden skin tones. These presets were inspired by different aspects of our Oceans and designed to tailor your photo editing to Daniel’s own unique aesthetic.

These presets will help you achieve his colour palette and will also allow you to tailor your editing to a multitude of different photos using his tools built to improve your workflow. The toolkit includes quick one-click adjustments for Daniel’s signature vignetting, dynamics, and colour grading.


The Ocean Series is an homage to our planet’s most sacred of elements – water. It is well known that water is the most abundant element on Earth, but also contains some of the deepest secrets. The sheer vast amount of water that exists on our planet is incredible, but our waters are greatly sensitive to change in the environment – such as plastic and carbon pollution. It is our duty to maintain order and balance and the health of our planet lies in the health of our waters. We must take action NOW to better our waters as best as we can.

I am donating 10% of the proceeds to Cool Earth – an initiative that is working to preserve rainforests across the globe, halt deforestation, and combat global warming. To find out more about Cool Earth and their recent initiatives, please visit their website here.


   Daniel Battersby

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