The CANDI presets are Lightroom and Photoshop presets to make your workflow as well as your image editing much easier!

With this ALL IN ONE Pack you get all currently available Candi Presets in an unbeatable combination offer.

Included are 5 development preset packs (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5) and 2 print templates (Print Presets, 100 Candi Moodboards)

All presets are also available for the Mobile application (Lightroom App) on iOS & Android devices.

Overall, the All-in-One Pack includes over 200 templates to help you consolidate your style and dramatically accelerate your workflow.

There are also 19 Toolbox presets to help you speed up recurring gestures.

Available for Lightroom and Photoshop, for Mac and Win.

Get the presets now and answer many of your outstanding questions:

  • How do I manage to create a consistent look?
  • How can I speed up my processing time?
  • How can I deliver my pictures faster?
  • How do I create an exciting look for my pictures?
  • How do I get more time for family & hobbies without neglecting my work?
  • How can I quickly provide preview collages for my clients?

Your advantages, if you use presets

  • uniform look of your pictures
  • faster work -> up to 100 images per hour
  • Super nice editing base with just one click
  • also compatible with Photoshop (Adobe Camera Raw)
  • White balance and exposure are not saved
  • In general, you can change everything later if you want


Frequently asked questionsARE THESE PRESETS RIGHT FOR ME?

YES! If you love your time with your friends and family, or you want more time for the actual photography.

Even if you do not use a Lightroom, you can work with the included Photoshop files (Adobe Camera Raw), but only with the development presets. In order to use the print presets, Lightroom is necessary.
The time you spend on using presets is priceless.WHY SHOULD I TAKE THE ALL IN ONE PACK?

The All in One Pack is right for you if you do not want to compromise. You get the widest possible range of printing and development presets at an unbeatable price.IS THERE A COMMUNITY BEHIND?

YES! And we love her!
The Candi Preset User Group on Facebook is just wonderful! Many of you show us the beautiful pictures you edited with the presets. The User Group is also a great place for questions, the exchange and, above all, great for marveling at the results! We are thrilled every time, how varied the presets are used, how much benefit and joy the community can draw from it and what beautiful pictures that leads! Hats off! Show us your picture – directly in the Candi Preset User Group.HOW DO I GET THE PRESETS AFTER I HAVE PURCHASED?

That is very easy! Presets are a digital product that does not have to be mailed, so you can get started right away!
After the purchase you will receive an email with access data. The download takes place via the member area. You have permanent access to the data and an unlimited number of downloads.IS THERE ANYTHING TO BE AWARE OF?

The presets work! Often with “one-click”, but at least 90% of the image is optimized without modification. The other 10% sometimes needs to be adjusted by exposure and white balance to perfect your result. You always have the option to make changes yourself or undo after applying the preset.

The necessary adjustments depend on how you photograph or expose.
Most importantly, shoot in RAW format to get the maximum effect of the presets!IS THERE A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

YES! Since we are so convinced of our presets, we give a 60-day money-back guarantee on all our products! WITHOUT questions! What are you waiting for? Here we go!



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