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What Is The Master Collection?

The Master Collection is more than just a preset pack. It includes all the resources necessary to take your images from average to pro whilst helping you improve your editing skills within Lightroom.

With a total of 35 professionally designed presets, they are perfect for achieving a moody and dramatic look to your photos.

Each preset pack (excluding the Tool Kit) includes both desktop and mobile files and work perfectly with both images shot on your camera or phone.

What’s Included?

  • Adventure Collective Preset Pack: 9 presets + Exclusive editing tutorial (£44.99)
  • Adventure Collective Expansion Pack: 9 presets  (£19.99)
  • Black & White Preset Pack: 10 presets  (£19.99)
  • Bonus Preset Pack: 7 presets Only Available Inside The Master Collection (£19.99)
  • Tool Kit for Lightroom Classic: 25 effects and parameter adjustments (£9.99)
  • Exclusive Editing Tutorial
  • Access To Private Facebook Community
  • 12 RAW Images For Practice
  • Desktop & Mobile Files Included with Import Guide
  • Download To Your Computer Or Phone Instantly
  • Lifetime Updates

“I have spent years perfecting my own style, creating and refining a set of presets that would provide a moody and dramatic look to my images in just a few clicks. Now, they are available to you! 

Save yourself countless hours in Lightroom by using these presets as a filter, or a solid foundation to create your own style.

I use all of these presets on a daily basis to create a consistent look to my Instagram feed, and turn a dull looking image into a professional photograph.”

– Brad Matthews


   Brad Matthews

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16 thoughts on “Brad Matthews – The Master Collection

  1. So I do not understand too. Do I need to share something to get the password? Do I need to ask for the password? Whom?

    1. This preset is setted password by the author. Maybe the author donot want others to download the preset. Of course, if you want to share something, that’s great.

      1. Okey. It’s clear now why it is asking for password. But. What is the purpose of this platform?
        I might as well post anything, hide it with a password and link to something else. After all, no one will ever know what’s really hidden there anyway. It looks like a dirty trick and a desire to get the site to show up better on Google.

        1. First, this is not a dirty trick. Because some authors likes this function. Second, We don’t want to curry favor with Google. Allpreset is just a share platform. If anyone link to something else, i will ban the user and modify the link to mega or gdrive. Have you downloaded any other files? If you donwloaded, This is enough. Donot complain too much.

          1. Could you message me the password somehow? I’ve been adding presets today, will be adding more tomorrow.

  2. where i shere the my file to see that paswword… i have some lightroom preset which is i get from my paid master class, i can share… but where nd then i get this password ?

    1. Okay, I share a Lut Pack Of sam Kolder U may check the post I made ! now? I want this pack so can you please give me a password…! after you check my post!

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