benj™| Light

benj™ - Light

1 year in the making.
Light and powerful cinematic colors and tones

So why Light?
For those who are already familiar with my color grading style and past products, they are well-aware that the colors can be a bit on the heavier side. Not that they are way too saturated, but to achieve those intense grading styles, color alterations had too be made.

This is Light 

benj™|Light light consists of 8 (with 3 as bonuses) presets which is graded lightly, but still giving that cinematic look that i love. Each preset has a unique look, but still stay consistent on the tones.

Try them out and you’ll see what I mean 🙂




READ Me PDF file (I suggest you really read it.)

1. 01_Light
2. 02_Light
3. 03_Light
4. 04_Light

5. 05_Light

6. 06_Light

7. 07_Light

8. 08_Light

ADDED presets

09, 10, 11

FREE benj™|Foundations
But you have to send me a message on Instagram of email me if you’ve made the purchase of Light. I’ll send the Foundations myself. 🙂


   benj™ Benj Villena

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