Are you booking what you want to be booking? Do you feel like sometimes you run out of content to post but don’t have bookings coming up? Are you posting content you absolutely love? The content that you are posting, is that what you are wanting to book more of?? If any of these questions ring a bell to you, this guide can benefit you!!! Styled shoots are an amazing way to diversify your portfolio and generate a ton of income for your business!! I have been setting up styled shoots since the beginning and planning them is probably a top 3 favorite thing to do within my business!!

Why $97?

Investing in education is one of the best things that you can do for your business, but it can be scary sometimes! Which is why I wanted to make this super affordable. This is my knowledge of years of planning shoots. I have made many mistakes and have learned from every single one of them! That, plus so much more is what this guide is all about.

What is included?

Included is a 40 paged guide going over a wide range of topics all pertaining to the art of planning a styled shoot! You don’t have to be a wedding planner, stylist, or have experience in that field to create some magic!

The topics included in the guide are..

– Having a why for your shoot

– How to find inspiration

– Mood Boards; their importance and how to create them

– Couples; How to find them & what to expect from them

– Dress and Tux; All the ins and outs of how to secure these important items!

– Florals; Should you pay for them? Reaching out & finding florists that match your vision

– Hair and Makeup Artists communication and expectations

– Rentals; Expectations from these companies and going big with them!

– Invitation suites ins and outs. What to expect and how to get them on board

– Communication with anyone involved

– Timelines for the day and why they are so important

– Vendor lists; Importance, when to use them, and who to send them to

– Gallery delivery afterwards

– Inviting on other Photographers and how it can generate you income

– What to do after the shoot is over


   Beba Vowel

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