Beba Vowel

Hiiii!!! My name is pronounced bee-bah, not beh buh. But, if you catch me at a Chick-fil-a, Starbucks, or any place where they may put ‘viva, beva, veba’ or just ask ‘wait, what is your name?’ I am most likely going by Kate. I am based in Southern California, and I wouldn’t have that any other way. I love this lil place so much and don’t want to even think about the day I move away (unless it’s to Hawaii ;))

I have crazy love for road trips, binge watching all the good shows on Netflix and Hulu, and seeing all the crazy amazing things God put on this earth for us. The number one way to my heart is in-n-out. Double double, ketchup, pickle, cheese only. fry, light-well, extra salt and extra ketchup. medium pink lemonade. I am probably one of the pickiest eaters alive.

I graduated a year early from community college where I ran cross country and track. I have an associates in Ag business. The Ag part is because I grew up on a farm, and I got a ton of scholarships for all my 4-h doings. Once you meet me, you’ll probably be pretty shocked about that. I fell into the California lifestyle pretty quickly.

I am one of those girls that could lay on the beach for hours on end but at the same time I am one of those people though that is always going. If I sit in the house for too long (like a day) then I start to get a lil buggy and have to at least take a drive or something!! Whereas Beau could sit on the couch for 5 straight days in a row and not ever get bored. It’s honestly impressive.

Most of all, I love capturing peoples stories. Whether that be love stories or capturing their hard work through my brand work. Seriously, it makes me so happy getting to know everyone that I have the privilege to work with. I am so blessed with what God has given me. I owe it all to him & say prayers of thanksgiving daily.

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