Archipelago Quest – Quest 28 Descent

Archipelago Quest - Quest 28 Descent

Deep underwater, beneath the surface, light breaks through the waves to illuminate a sunken world. Immersed in mystery, cobalt and midnight blues, Descent Presets are a siren song of color and mood, giving images a subtle marine color grade with deep sapphire shadows and coral tones.

Descent features 3 unique color presets as well as tools to immerse yourself in a subaquatic realm through your edits. Adobe AI masks separate the subject and background, submerging the background in shades of blue while keeping natural skin tones for your subject. The presets come with no grain by default, with Grain Mask and Grain Mask O presets to add or remove a subtle grain masking layer that gives your image a light dusting of sandy texture. Live Edit with DESCENT



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