Archipelago Quest – Quest 27 Serenus

Archipelago Quest - Quest 27 Serenus

Serenus is designed to give your images a refined and polished look while maintaining absolute color accuracy across all hues. Each preset gently lifts the shadows and adds a soft contrast, bringing a flattering dynamic to your subject without straying from the essence of what you captured.

The Serenus Creative Profile brings a subtle filmic edge by adding a soft peachy overtone and (for the first time in a creative profile) adding a subtle grain texture.

Perfect for wedding photography, product imagery, lifestyle, journalistic work, and any instances where color accuracy is a top priority.

Serenus 01 – gives absolute color accuracy with a gentle contrast and lifted shadows for a fresh and natural feel with almost no tweaking.

Serenus 02 – slightly desaturated yellows and greens while maintaining accuracy across the rest of the color range. Useful for toning down vibrant foliage.

Serenus 03 – heavily desaturated yellows and greens and a cool overtone bring a moodier look to this preset.

Serenus 04 – a clean and modern black & white preset with deep blacks and bright whites.

Serenus Creative Profile – increase the profile slider to add a soft peachy overtone and a subtle grain texture for a clean filmic look.

Serenus BW Creative Profile – increase the profile slider to introduce a soft copper toning with a subtle grain texture; for a nostalgic, filmic look.

Crisp White – delivers brighter highlights and white tones, along with deeper contrast; useful for adding dimension to flat lighting. Designed to pair with all presets in this set.

Tilt Shift – blurs the top and bottom of the photo while maintaining sharpness across the middle, top third or bottom third of the image, delivering a tilt-shift-like effect without the need for a specialized lens.



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