Archipelago Quest 33 – Trouvaille

Archipelago Quest 33 - Trouvaille

Trouvaille delivers a hauntingly romantic set of presets designed for the emotive aesthetic. Featuring 2 creative profiles, 1 B&W preset, and 2 color graded presets; this set covers a minimalistic range of tonality built around dark cinematic storytelling. Also included, an essential set of tools to help you shape all the quiet moments your lens encounters.

Trouvaille 01: Soft and simplistic B&W with neutral tonality. Moonlit highlights paired with deep shadows.

Trouvaille 02: Dynamically soft with strong diffused highlights for a low key effect. Subtly warm in tonality with faded background hues. Steel blue skies, taupe earth tones, deep sage forests.

Trouvaille 03: A variation of 02 with pushed warmth designed for warmer climates. Periwinkle skies, tawny earth tones, rich olive forests.

Trouvaille Profile: Simply adjust lights to maintain consistency across a wide body of work.

Mute: Mute both highlights and shadows for a faded effect.

Diffuse: Diffuse image for a dreamy effect with a soft highlight rolloff.

Dynamic: Add natural contrast without affecting saturation.

Deluminate: Increase mood and overall darkness while maintaining highlights.

Achromatic: Reduce saturation for a semi-monochromatic look.

Landscape: Remove subject mask for a consistent color grade across the frame.

Reset: Reset all tools back to default.



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