Alex Noriega – Simplify

Alex Noriega - Simplify


3 hours 40 minutes
Six Chapters
Download Size: 3.0 GB

My first tutorial release in nearly four years is all about the one idea that underpins everything I do as a photographer: simplicity.

  • Four chapters demonstrating post-production concepts using 10 different images
  • Start-to-finish processing of my image Kindred Spirits
  • Special chapter on how I find and simplify my compositions
  • Special chapter detailing my curation process
  • Raw and project files included
  • High quality 1440p video
  • Detailed table of contents for easy navigation

If you’ve ever wondered how I approach composition, how I make my images appear so clean, how the subjects stand out so well, or how my collections are assembled, this tutorial is for you.


   Alex Noriega

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