Warm When I’m Not – Lightroom Presets

I have not felt very “warm” emotionally as of late. I typically color my images based on my mood, however i’ve been really drawn towards warm filters lately, in others work. This morning Paris and I wanted to make something a little warmer and dreamier, to escape the blues.

2 film like Lightroom presets built by hand for morning light.

I have included the original shots as well as the shots edited to show what type of light this preset will work best with. You can use most presets by adjusting the temperature, and exposure settings. I shoot slightly underexposed so take a look at the photos I shot in the pack before going out to shoot. <3

Must be using updated version of Lightroom to install

These are not one click presets, you most likely will have to adjust your exposure and white balance.


   Ryan McKinnon

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