Kyle Vollaers – The Aerial Collection

The Aerial collection contains 25 Lightroom Classic Desktop/Mobile presets that have been specially created for Aerial photography.

Compatible with all desktop versions of Lightroom & Lightroom Mobile.

Each preset was designed, tested, and tweaked to work well on the DJI Mavic 2 Pro / DJI Mavic 2 Zoom / DJI Mavic Pro / DJI Mavic Air / DJI Inspire 1 & 2 / DJI Phantom 1-4 / DJI Spark/ DJI Mini

These presets will give your Aerial photos soft and well-balanced tones, whilst giving each image a unique tonal look.

Each preset will act as a starting base for your edits, speed up your workflow, and give your images a cohesive style. You can also improve your editing by reverse engineering each preset to better understand my workflow and how Lightroom works.

Remember that every preset should be used as a foundation to work off. These presets are not a ‘one-click’ solution and no preset is for that matter. You will have to fine-tune certain settings, like exposure, white balance, shadows, whites, and blacks under the ‘Basic’ panel to get your desired look.

With that being said, included in this pack is a 47 minute long in-depth Lightroom/Photoshop tutorial where I will show you exactly how I edit my photos using these presets and how I give my photos that extra punch in Photoshop. I will also show you the best export settings for Instagram so that your images are razor sharp.

Note: I changed a few of the preset names after the tutorial was recorded. All presets are in the pack.

The Aerial collection contains:

  • 15 Aerial Landscape Presets
  • 7 Aerial Ocean presets
  • 3 Aerial Urban presets
  • 47 minute Lightroom/Photoshop tutorial – I teach you my exact workflow for Lightroom/Photoshop
  • 4 Bonus Radial/Graduated filters – Local adjustment filters to add Haze, side glow, darken foreground, and darken the sky
  • 2 Bonus presets – Reduce noise in your astrophotography photos
  • Full access to all future updates of the Aerial collection


   Kyle Vollaers

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