Julia Trotti – The America Series Presets

All the Camera Raw and Lightroom Presets available in the America Series. 

Joshua Tree Lightroom Preset

The bright, shining sun, the relentless heat, vivid colours and the stillness of the desert all captured in this new Joshua Tree Lightroom Preset.

NEW – L.A.: Lightroom Preset

Long days of endless summer, soaring palm trees and the Hollywood Hills. L.A. is a punchy Lightroom Preset inspired by our time in Los Angeles, California. This purchase includes a pack of 4 presets.

San Francisco: Lightroom Preset

While adventuring in San Francisco, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge enveloped in fog inspired us to create these cool, lovely colours for your images.

NEW – New York Lightroom Preset

A dreamy, softly coloured Lightroom Preset inspired by the tones of film & our time exploring the streets of New York.

(Could not locate a description for Manhatten and Griffith)


   Julia Trotti

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