Archipelago exfilm

Here meets modernity and nostalgia. Inspired by the shifted, muted colors of old film stock; ExFilm is the feel good, just right, balanced editing tool you’ve dreamt about. It’s that brand new pair of cognac leather boots already worn and weathered in all the right places and a perfect, comfortable fit. Fall in love with the soft details and subtle color cast, and finalize your look with the Character profile which gives complete control for a clean and modern feel or muted and vintage aesthetic. Developed by Liam Rimmington.

The ExFilm Set includes 2 BW & 6 Color Presets

EF01: Subtle Ember warmth across the tonal range and desaturated blues and greens give this preset a uniformly cozy feel.

EF02: Crisp, cool shadows and a boost in saturation offer more punch, whilst retaining flattering skin tones.

EF03: Sage-y greens and an overall desaturated look gives this preset a clean, gentle feel.

EF04: Arctic blue shadows and distinctly desaturated greens meet rich reds and beautiful bright skin tones.

EF05: Light teal greens and emerald toning throughout offset by a push in the orange saturation.

EF06: Rich copper warmth and accurate colors, create a beautiful tonal range on almost any subject.

EF07: Subtle bronze toned black and white with deep shadows and smooth highlights.

EF08: Cool toned black and white with clean details and defined tonal range.

Creative Profile – Character: The Character profile allows complete control over the aesthetic of each preset with a simple slider. The default profile position gives an overall balanced characteristic, moving the slider to the right will give more of a vintage matte feel, and moving it to the left will give a clean modern look.



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