Haylsa – Philippines Presets

Haylsa - Philippines Presets

Introducing the Philippines Preset Pack!

Super excited to finally share my BRAND NEW presets with you all that I have been creating, testing and perfecting this past year.

Ready to take your photos to the next level? Well you are in the right place! 

The Philippines Pack is a series of 8 unique presets I created during my travels through Palawan, Philippines early this year. An installation guide is included in the purchase, along with a few insider LR tips from me.

These presets are specifically for Lightroom Desktop (not mobile).  They have been designed for and are most suitable for RAW images, but can still be used on JPEG images as well. I have tested presets on both image files, but do keep in mind you might need to make adjustments to the presets as images can greatly vary in different light & colour situations. I have given some vital tips when editing on LR desktop using my presets in my installation guide! Please take some time to read through that.

If you already follow me on instagram @haylsa than you know my images are full of vibrant colours, which is exactly what you will get from these presets. Lots of colour variation, vibrance, brightness, playfulness, perfect blues, skin tones, perfect greens, and SO much more! This pack is ideal for blue water beachy photos.

Want to learn how to use my presets in just a few clicks? Watch my Youtube Tutorial video here!



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