G-Presets – Monique Serra Presets Guide and Video[incomplete]



Shooting timeless and powerful photography is a symbiotic two-piece game. First there is the intuitive and decisive act of taking the photo to preserve that moment in time, and then there is the art and finesse of pulling every ounce of life from that photo in post. Sure, we can occasionally get a little gold SOOC, but getting that gold to truly shine happens with thoughtful and meticulous editing. 

Monique is one of the rare photographers whose work clearly values aesthetic intimacy more than shock-and-awe fads. Her editing technique is a thorough labor of love and these presets are no different.

This pack offers a full range of edits that will garner more than a just another batch of social media likes. You’ll send tingles down your clients back with honest and gorgeous imagery that truly draws them in. Soft and creamy palettes compliment natural beauty and unique skin tones for a romantic glow and a lift of joy. Although her style usually leans on the warmer side, this pack is slightly less orange with softer contrast for more versatile and true skin tones. Yet no matter how you use them, Monique Serra Presets will create an idyllic appeal that elegantly skirts trends and stands the test of time

video link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5avbrq55gemneen/AACoiBOCtiLlYLjaieVeMxrka?dl=0



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