Felix rachor – Kamperi Presets

Felix rachor - Kamperi Presets

In this mega package you get Elena Kamperi’s 10 favorite Lightroom presets.
Not only have we been working on it for a long time, if you know her Instagram page and her photos, you can now get exactly these looks for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile!
You can use it on both computers and mobile phones.
Installation instructions come with the download, which you will receive via email with your order.

Notes: Lightroom versions 7.3 and earlier are not supported.
The Lightroom Mobile App is free and can be found in the usual app stores.
The presets are designed to work on as many photos as possible, but it depends on the environment, light and colors. Most of the time you should turn the exposure, maybe even other controls.
BEFORE iOS 13: Please make sure you have downloaded the apps “UnZip” & “Adobe Lightroom CC” BEFORE purchasing!
▶︎ UNZIP: https://apple.co/2pX7Ii1
▶︎ Adobe Lightroom CC: https://apple.co/2ITe6iC


   Felix Rachor

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