Classic K14 (2024) Kodachrome

Classic K14 (2024) Kodachrome

Explore the Magic of Kodak Kodachrome with the new Classic K14 (2024) Presets

Immerse yourself in the timeless aesthetics of the analog photographic world with the latest Classic K14 (2024) presets, inspired by the legendary Kodak Kodachrome films. Experience a world of color brilliance, authenticity, and artistic expressions shaped by photography icons like Steve McCurry, Alex Webb, and Ernst Haas.


For Enthusiasts and Professionals Alike

The Classic K14 (2024) presets are the result of passionate dedication to quality and authenticity. This third generation sets new standards in replicating the iconic Kodachrome 64, Kodachrome 25, and Kodachrome 200 films. Those who fell in love with the Classic K14 in 2017 will be even more enthralled now. Inspired by photography masters, the new Classic K14 Kodachrome presets create a visual experience capturing the essence of the classic Kodachrome era while offering variations that depict the last moments of the last Kodachrome emulsions in the 90s and 00s. The Golden Era and the Last Roll of Kodachrome go hand in hand, providing you with the typical iconic visual concepts associated with the name Kodachrome.


Optimized for Every Camera and Mobile Workflow

The latest Classic K14 (2024) presets are not only more technically precise but also offer universal compatibility with any camera supported by Adobe. The cloud workflow with Adobe Lightroom Mobile allows seamless editing regardless of your location. What was merely a wish in 2017 is now a reality.


The Soul of Kodachrome in Every Pixel

The Classic K14 (2024) presets offer significantly improved and authentic color reproduction. Experience how every nuance and hue is accurately replicated to preserve the unique Kodachrome feeling.


Inspired by the Greats

This Kodak Kodachrome Edition is a tribute to photography icons like Steve McCurry, Alex Webb, and Ernst Haas. Their works, often captured on Kodachrome films, serve as a source of inspiration for these presets. Discover the creative freedom and expressive possibilities that fascinated these legendary photographers.


4 profiles and 10 presets capture the magic of Kodak Kodachrome. In addition to the basic appearance of Kodachrome 25, 64, and 200, the presets and profiles also address more specific visual concepts. The following variations make your work easier and bring your images closer to those of Alex Webb or Ernst Haas.

Kodachrome has undergone several changes over the decades. When we think of Kodachrome, we don’t think of a specific look, but rather of several variants that symbolize specific eras.

The Last Roll Variant:
As the name suggests, this is the last variant that we could use in the 1990s and early 2000s. This variant is inspired by Steve McCurry’s images on the last roll of Kodachrome.

The Golden Era Variant:
Actually, this variant should be called Classic K11 or 12 because Kodak did not always process Kodachrome in the K14 process. The Golden Era Variant explores the color concepts between 1955 and 1974.

The Ernst Haas Variant:
From 1951, Haas almost exclusively experimented with color films. With the series “Images of a Magic City,” Haas provided unprecedented impressions and reflections of a metropolis using the Kodachrome color positive film introduced in 1936. Thus, he is one, if not the Kodachrome pioneer.

The Alex Webb Variant:
Webb is another Kodachrome icon. He used Kodachrome for about 30 years, and his most important works were created with it. He influenced an entire era of street and documentary photographers with his intricate and complex composition and a sense of intense colors and moods that particularly shine on Kodachrome.

Keep in mind, the presets can only be as good as your subjects. Analyze the artists, understand their approaches and visual languages, and try to implement similar techniques. Kodachrome was just a suitable tool for the brilliant works of these masters. The Classic K14 presets aim to be a suitable tool for you as well, but as with all tools, you must primarily do the work yourself and learn your craft.

This product will work with Adobe Lightroom CC (cloud based Version), CameraRAW (10.3 and above) and Classic CC (7.3 and above). To use them with Lightroom Mobile, you’ll need a Lightroom CC or Classic CC running on Windows, or OS X. 


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