G-Presets – CAMPFIRE PRESETS: A collaboration with Dawn Photo



When Dawn first shared her vision for the Campfire Presets, she did as though she was sharing something sentimental and truly important to her. A panoramic view of childhood memories marked by sunrise hikes, invigorating swims in glacial lakes, and fireside nights camping beneath immense wilderness skies. It was clear that she knew this landscape and that her distinct earthy, romantic, and adventurous editing style would be the ideal guide throughout our creative process. The result: An unbridled echo of nostalgia blown in on the breeze of simplicity.

This collection allows you to hone in and celebrate the tiny details of moments with character-rich tonality. Think prussian blue and persimmon sunsets lofted behind a mountain range. Think ethereal bright blue skies as you float face up swimming on a hot summer day. Think lively yellows and spirited oranges crackling from a campfire among grainy woodsmoke wafting through the air. But don’t just take our word for it. The Campfire Presets, like all inspiring views, are better experienced than explained

Campfire Presets consists of 8 color presets, 2 BW presets, a Warm Gradient and 3 custom ‘Film’ Creative Profile’s (please see * below for compatibility). Each color preset has a Film version with Dawn’s signature film vibe and vintage warmth.

Before and after images below demonstrate how each preset manipulates an image with identical white balance and exposure.

*These presets ONLY work with Lightroom Classic CC (version 7.3 or later), Lightroom CC (version 1.3 or later), and Adobe Camera Raw (version 10.3 or later). For earlier versions, update your editing applications to meet the required specifications. 

**Please note that these presets are created for RAW images only and are only compatible with the software versions above. 

***These are Desktop Presets(not Mobile Presets).



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