Buttery LUTs – NATURAL Rec709 + Creative LUTs – URSA Mini Pro (G1/G2/12K) (44 LUTs) – Gen4/Gen5

Buttery Luts Ursa Mini Pro box

This package includes our Natural REC709 LUT (and its 4 variations) and 17 creative LUTs to stylize your Ursa Mini Pro (G1, G2 and 12K) footage. Our creative LUTs are inspired by some of the top high end commercials and they include 17 different and unique looks (BUTTERY Eterna, B&W, Tobacco filter, Crunchy Gold, Day X Night and many more). The creative LUTs are not recommended for monitoring since they are made to stylize your footage, but we still used our incredibly accurate Natural Rec709 as a starting point, so even if they are a little bit pushy, they still retain a lot of information in the highlights, shadows and skin tones. These LUTs work with both ProRes and BRAW codecs.

In this package you will find the LUTs for both Gen4 and Gen5 color science.


The workflow is extremely simple: first of all, you need to shoot LOG and LOG only. In your editing or color grading software just apply the LUT to your footage and do the basic adjustments such as exposure, contrast, WB or tint as you like. That simple. Our LUTs work in every single lighting situation, at any ISO. Yep, just one LUT!

All LUTs are also fully compatible with the original Ursa Mini, ONLY WHEN YOU SHOOT RAW. Just switch from color science v1 to v4 in the RAW settings of DaVinci Resolve, apply the Natural Rec709 LUT and do your basic adjustments.

Our LUTs are compatible with any software that support .cube files, such as DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro and Final Cut X.

Check out this tutorial to see how to use the BUTTERY LUTs!

NOTE: Blackmagic adds a +10 TINT when you set your WB on daylight. We recommend to set it to ZERO and adjust it in post. Keep in mind this is a starting point and your TINT should be adjusted depending on the situation you are filming in. All our LUTs work on both ProRes and RAW files.



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