Benj Villena / benj™ – Scenes Preset Pack

Benj Villena / benj™ - Scenes Preset Pack

Introducing the “SCENES Preset Pack,” a masterful collection that transforms your photographs into cinematic masterpieces. This pack, meticulously crafted and now my personal go-to for all photography, is designed to encapsulate a mood that speaks volumes in every shot. Within the SCENES Preset Pack, you’ll find a versatile array of .xmp and .dng files, labeled SCENES 01-08, each tailored to bring a unique, cinematic flair to your images. Additionally, the pack includes SCENES Modifiers, an exclusive toolset to further refine and customize your photographs to match the envisioned mood perfectly. Each preset has been developed with utmost precision, ensuring that no matter the scenario, your images will evoke the intended emotion and depth. To guide you in harnessing the full potential of these presets, a detailed ‘Read Me’ pdf is included. Elevate your photography and imbue every scene with the essence of cinema with the SCENES Preset Pack.


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