Archipelago Quest 22 – Halite

Crystalline expanses of minerals shining under the sun for thousands of years– coarse yet delicate, the salt flats are a habitat of contrasts. These seemingly timeless salt flats are the inspiration behind Halite Presets, developed by Richard McDowell.

Halite Presets incorporate built-in AI masks in 4 color and 2 black and white presets, along with 3 creative profiles and 3 tools to add the finishing touch to your edits. AI masks included in each preset use Adobe’s Subject and Background masking features to define and create contrast between subject and background.

Halite 01 – airy cool-neutral, with mint greens, butter yellows, and Pink Himalayan salt midtones

Halite 02 – overall amber tones throughout, denim blues, moss greens

Halite 03 – creamy muted highlights and shadows for a soft palette, desaturated ultramarine blues

Halite 04 – poppy reds, vibrant teal greens, faded pthalo blues, bright highlights and citrine overtones

Halite 05 – neutral black and white with bright Sea Salt highlights, Onyx blacks

Halite 06 – neutral, high contrast black and white with muted, Sel Gris highlights and Hawaiian Black Salt shadows

Himalayan Pink Halite Skies – add petal-pink and lilac tones to the sky

Persian Blue Halite Skies – add teal Persian blue tones to the sky

Wht Halite Finish – add a light sprinkling of filmic dust and scratches to your image

Halite Profile – decrease for less contrast, muted highlights, and minty greens, or increase for added contrast and a boost in chartreuse and honey tones with deepened shadows

Halite S Profile – decrease for cooler, pastel muted tones or increase for a burst of contrast and olive and amber tones

Halite BW Profile – decrease or increase contrast and definition to go from an airy and bright black and white with lifted shadows to a high contrast black and white with deepened shadows



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