Twig & Olive

Officially Twig & Olive was born in 2015, linking together Courtney, Doug, and Bobbi, all who were successful family and wedding photographers in Madison, Wisconsin. Don’t let our youthful looks fool you; we all have over a decade of photography and design experience under our belts!

Drawing upon the fact that we are happier when we do things we excel at, we divided and conquered Twig & Olive, each taking on the part of the business that we love and slaying it. Our team-centered focus allows us to work like a well-oiled machine no matter if we’re teaching photographers how to business better or photographing clients in gorgeous locations.

We’re big on experience, whether that’s the experience of travel or the experience our clients have with us before, during, and after we photograph them.

Curating extraordinary experiences and creating art is what we do best, whether it’s here at home in Madison, Wisconsin, or somewhere around the globe.

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