Photobug Community

Photobug Community is a learning platform, for wedding photographers, that fosters community, creativity, and growth. 

Powered by the team at Junebug Weddings, Photobug Community started out as a small sub-blog of the Junebug site, originally called The Photobug Blog. Over the years, Photobug garnered its own loyal readership of wedding photographers coming to the blog for inspiration, news, and advice. In 2017, after launching a successful Facebook group and Instagram account, our team at Junebug decided to finally create a separate and official space for Photobug readers. Photobug Community is now home to over 150,000 wedding photographers and counting.

Our mission at Photobug Community is to empower wedding photographers to take a sustainable, creative, and compassionate approach to their businesses through education and community. 

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our community, be sure to join our Facebook group, where you can share your work, get inspired by others, and connect with peers all around the globe. If you’re looking to learn something new, head on over to our shop or take a gander at some helpful blog posts.

Fun fact! You can thank some actual bug lovers for the addition of “community” to the website name. You’d be surprised at how many bug photographer Facebook groups there are named Photobug, as well as how many pictures of beetles and caterpillars we get tagged in on Instagram!

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