Mike Crawat

Here I am! One year after I made the biggest decision of my life, turning fulltime self employed.

I was scared for 2 years straight.. Scared to fail, scared to not have work, scared to not being able to earn enough to just live life, pay bills. But I just went all in, turning that hobby, what I love, my passion, into a fulltime 24/7 ‘job’. it’s been a hustle to reach the point where I am today, such a long road with ups and downs. But yet every time I felt less, every time I felt like ‘this is not gonna workout’, I thought about the day and reason why I started the journey. I started all of this because I just love taking photos, capturing moments, creating content and snapping stuff that make people smile. I get so questions about how I started, how to find work, people that don’t know where to start or giving up. I was there where you are now, but I never gave up. Look back at the day why you’ve started this, why you picked up that camera to create your own magic & don’t give up. You need to fail to succeed, you need those rough times to remember why you’ve started. If I listened to the people that didn’t believe in me I would have given up all of this. So, I believe in all of you, I believe that you can, that you can make something worth of the energy you put into this. It’s a 24/7 hustle, it’s hard work, but once you’re in the flow there’s no stopping. Just know you all are beautiful, and your work is unique in every way. Just do you, you do you and never listen to negative vibes, never let people that want to bring you down affect you. You’re better! Use those negative vibes as fuel to grow, to create more! Remember one thing, never give up! Love y’all!

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