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Mastin Labs is Dedicated to Your Success as a Photographer.

Hello fellow photographer! Welcome!

I’m Kirk Mastin, founder of Mastin Labs, and I distinctly remember the pain I felt long ago when my boss at the time told me to, “not quit (my) day job.” Photography was the center of my world when I was 20, and yes, I wasn’t super technically skilled at that point, but I did have a burning passion to document the world and share my vision and I certainly wasn’t about to let my boss crush my dreams. In fact, his remark fueled me for years to come. I imagine you and I are very alike in this way.

Fast forward 20 years, and I’ve pursued photography through thick and thin — never forgetting how vulnerable we are to be learning and sharing our art with others. It’s because of this painful experience at the beginning of my career that I dedicated myself to helping all photographers, especially those just starting out, on their path to excellence.

This was the start of Mastin Labs. I began by creating film presets, from scratch, to get my digital images to look like film. Then it evolved again to teaching others at workshops what I’d learned through trial and error from working at magazines, shooting stock photography, and running a wedding photography business. These lessons became Mastin Labs’ first free educational videos, which then became weekly shows and interviews in our Facebook community. We now have a community over 55,000 strong, with almost 80 free videos.

Mastin Labs is dedicated to your success as a working photographer.

We do this with the editing tools we make, the free video education, and the Mastin Labs Facebook community. I want you to have the tools, the information, and the community you need to explore your photography and become the artist you want to be.

We are here for you and we will always be here for you. Have a great day and be sure to quit your day job. I believe in you.

Founder, Kirk Mastin

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