Kerem Bakir (Keba)

Kerem Bakir is a photographer based in Berlin. The 28-year-old is working primarily with people creating portraits. He has also done photo reports for clients like VW, Galerie Lafayette, MIELE, Warner Bros. or Nespresso. He graduated law school.

Hey friends,

I decided to share what I’m working with the past months and years. So here are my Lightroom presets!

I thought about naming them something fancy like banana blow, grape glam or melon monster (for the one preset with a greenish touch). A friend of mine even came up w/ the great idea of giving them names like Lut, Gobi or Atakama (yes, these are names of deserts). But all that fancy schmancy naming was feeling more like a joke so I decided to be less creative in naming them but more creative in actually creating them.

I use these Lightroom presets for my portraits. I’m sure they will be working smoothly with nature, stills and a lot of other stuff.

Presets list

No any presets or luts now

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