Jessica Whitaker

i’m jessica whitaker, photographer and educator

I believe in community over competition (not just when it’s beneficial to me).

I grew up in Seattle, Washington and while I have a wide range of interests, my favorite way to create and connect with people is through photography.

There is nothing I love more than people and capturing their milestone moments. I have been shooting since 2006, but I didn’t start to get serious about photography until my freshman year of high school in 2010. All throughout high school, I was job shadowing, assisting, and, eventually, second shooting weddings and other important events.

Fast forward to 2020 with 13 years of a camera in my hand – I work full-time for myself. I shoot with top-of-the-line equipment and few can match my quick turnaround time! In addition to shooting, I also teach photography to other artists all around the globe through my podcast, workshop, and non-profit Build + Bloom®.

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