Explorerssaurus (Raquel & Miguel)

Raquel & Miguel

We’re a young Portuguese couple who create travel and lifestyle content under the name Explorerssaurus.

How did everything start?

While Raquel was studying biomedical engineering in Spain and Miguel was working as a business manager at a construction company in Portugal,  we decided to meet each other in different countries once a month. 

We collected amazing memories and epic experiences and we captured and shared them as we went along. 

After 6 months living apart, we took the next step: we decided to move in together. We were working as many hours as we could and invested in our photography and videography skills. 

On January 2019, we left our corporate jobs and we started our journey across the world in pursuit of our dreams. It was not an easy decision but we have never been so happy 🙂 

Thank you for following our journey and for supporting us along the way. Without you this wouldn’t be possible!

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