Cara Zagni

Hi, I’m Cara a Norfolk based wedding photographer. When I’m not taking photographs I’m busy with my two children: Alfie, who is five and Aria, who is four!

When photographing couples it doesn’t even feel like work. I feel like I’m on a nice relaxing holiday compared to the chaos at home. Joking aside, I really wouldn’t change my family, they are something special.

I live in Norwich. I just love the countryside, the outdoors and an adventure. I’m a huge caffeine lover and have a slight red bull addiction! If my body would let me, I would eat chocolate all day, everyday. I’m a Harry Potter geek (I can’t believe I’m admitting this). I’m one of those ‘read all the books the day they came out’ kind of fans. I also strongly believe that gin is the answer to everything! I have three cats roaming the house, making themselves known most of the day and a gorgeous Labrador puppy called Raya who I’m low key OBSESSED with!

I am also a trained nurse so if too much alcohol is consumed or energetic dancing injuries occur, you’re in safe hands!

Can you tell I like caring for things hence the kazillion pets, kids and being a nurse!

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