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We Are Brett & Jessica

Hey! That’s us right there and we’d like to introduce ourselves. In our most simplest form, we are a husband-wife duo, best friends, baby makers and work partners. We fell in love with photographing wedding and elopements 8 years ago now.

We’ve built our life together, living in North Carolina with our five year old son Forrest and our two year old baby girl Miriam, traveling throughout the United States and beyond to document couples and their celebrations of love.

Early on, we found a knack for creating meaningful experiences with our couples that are built on a foundation of trust, realness and adventure, no matter how big or small it may seem. Finding adventure and soul in each our couples, creating artful and creative images that document the real you in the most organic and timeless way we possibly can.

We want you two to soak up this time in your lives. Even the moments that might otherwise be forgotten. The moments that cannot be explained with words. The moments that make your eyes swell up, gives you butterflies in your stomach and the ones that makes your cheeks hurt from laughing uncontrollably. Those are what we’re after.

Everlasting might be a strong word to use when it comes to an editing style. Inspired by the Appalachian mountains, which have stood the test of time, our goal when creating these presets was to do the same. To stand the test of time.

Versatile, timeless tones, clean and true to color. These were built using our 8 plus years of experience shooting in all sorts of conditions and locations ranging from the North Carolina mountains to the cliff-sides in Maine to the gritty streets of New York City to the coast of Oregon and to the cascades in Washington.

We wanted sometime that would be consistent no matter where we shot yet stayed true to the environment we were shooting in. These are not a magic fix, but they are our starting point for each and every photo we edit. If not with one click, within a few clicks we are able to achieve our desired look almost every time.

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