Bec Zacher

Hey there! I’m Bec

I’m a Gold Coast family photographer and videographer

I’m a visual storyteller, with a big love for people and documenting the journey they’re on. I’m all about capturing the honest moments, unposed, imperfect, full of wholehearted goodness. If you’re a bit of a nostalgic soul and love real and raw images and films that make you ‘feel’ something, then we might just be perfect together.

I’m passionate about how we preserve our stories and I love teaching mamas about minimalist memory keeping through my online resource, The Story Keeper.

I run a non-profit called Frames of Hope that gifts families facing tough times, the opportunity to have their stories preserved. 15% of all my session fees supports this service.

There’s a driving force behind this lens of mine and it all comes back to family.

As a mother of three spirited children and wife to my amazing husband, I love this stage of our lives and the memories created each and every day as a family. I value every second that I get to spend documenting our every day, as mundane and normal as it may seem – in a few years, they will likely be the moments we cherish the most.

My days together are spent on the Gold Coast, either working at home with my husband, chasing our kiddos down the beach or venturing into the beauty of the hinterlands. Having a camera in hand (more often than not) is my creative expression, my preservation of these fleeting days and the family story that I have invested my heart and soul into.

Prior to this season of life with my own children, I worked with others as a Social Worker in Child Protection. My parents embedded in me an open door policy for those in need, our family home being a sanctuary for foster children, many of whom are still a part of our family today. It was a natural progression from there for me to go on and continue this work in a new capacity.

Your heart expands in ways unknown when working in an industry like Child Protection, when you are required to adhere to a system but your heart aches for more; more hope, more love, more unity. During this time I was the person facilitating contact between children and their biological families, often weeks, months or years would span between these visits and I longed for a way to make these raw, unmade, emotional encounters count for more than the ticking clock. So I did.

From there on I carried my camera, I captured something that went beyond the system, I created prints and photo books of the glimpses of family they had and gifted these to the children I worked with. As you might expect, I was all in from there. Documenting people’s stories consumed me wholeheartedly, the real, authentic, honest moments that when everything else is stripped away will always matter the most.

Fast forward a few years and three children later, I now have a thriving photography business where I get to live in these precious moments with my own family and capture so many others. I am invited into homes to document life, love, and authenticity, including all of the extra parts that make up our stories.

During my sessions, there are no rules, expectations or posing. I simply want to capture you loving on your little ones, hanging out with your people and doing the things you love.

When our children have grown up and moved out, only the stories and memories will remain of our time together under one roof.

I want to create images that show the real story of your family. Imagine having images in your hands that beautifully capture the heart of your home, the connection you all share and the little things that you love?

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it!

I would be honoured to capture your story.

Bec x

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