Alen Palander

Alen Palander is a Toronto-based Creative Director and Photographer. Throughout his education and work life in Urban Design and Architecture, Alen dabbled in photography and filmmaking as a hobby, with no formal training in the field. Amassing a fan base in the hundreds of thousands worldwide, Alen’s brand and social media platforms grew, new and exciting opportunities began to unfold, and he quickly realized that his hobby had become his livelihood. Alen now works with some of the world’s largest brands while also running his production company, Palander Studios Inc.

Alen draws much of his inspiration for his visual pieces from architecture, design, and travel to distant locales. With the propensity to pick up the camera and capture the world at a moment’s notice, his lust for creating propels his perspective and represents something much bigger as he continues to seek the extraordinary in the ordinary.

If you would like to work together, please email [email protected]

Accolades & Achievements

TEDx Talk at Wilfred Laurier University
Arts & Business Exchange Conference (Panel and Workshop)
– House of VR (Empathy Series – Panel)
– University of Waterloo Stratford (Accelerator Centre) Lecture and Workshop

Press & Publications

Mercedes-Benz – Japan Explorers, 2019
YSF Magazine, 2019
Venque, 2019
Sidra & Co, 2019
Lexus USA – National Parking, 2018
Peace Collective – Canadian Built Series, 2018
Canadian Geographic: Ultimate Canadian Instagram Photos, 2018
Canadian Geographic Magazine, 2018
The Globe and Mail, 2018
Life on Instagram, 2017
Wildside: The Enchanted Life of Hunters and Gatherers, 2016
We Day – Toronto, 2015

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