How to upgrade account

You need get the upgrade code and use the code to upgrade your account.

Get the upgrade code

After buy, we will send a code of to your email within 24 hours. You can use the code to upgrade your account. Please read the instructions and description carefully before purchase.

  • You can use the code to upgrade your account for 30days
  • You can also download updates after purchase
  • The maximum number of downloads is 10/day
  • No refunds after purchase

Buy the code from our resellers.

20USD(Credit Card)

20USD(Crypto Currency)

140CNY By TaoBao(淘宝)


How to use upgrade code?

If you already have the account of, you log in to the site first. Then you go to manage, input the code and update profile.

Input code , click the link


1. Download what you need. Don’t download blindly.

2. No spamming

3. No harassment

4. No Scammers

5. Don’t leak them.

6. Don’t sell them

7. Don’t send them to people that will sell them

8. Don’t post to public forums and groups.

You will be kicked out of, if you break the rules.

And there’s no refund.