Winter Presets for Lightroom +Mobile 4594352

Winter Wonderland [Lightroom Preset Collection] is an amazing addition to your editing catalog. These warm, cozy Lightroom Presets help turn your client images into warm, cherished memories.

Winter Presets for Lightroom +Mobile 4594352

See the difference these presets can make in your portrait photography today!

9 Adobe Lightroom Presets (.lrtemplate & .dng format)

  • Warm, Cozy Tones
  • Organic Feel
  • Clean Base
  • Matte Film Preset Styles

Winter Wonderland [Lightroom Preset Collection] Includes:

  • Berries – Warm, berry coloured tones for a fun, wintry twist
  • Clean Base – Classic portrait look with true, but slightly cool colours that lend a ‘wintry’ feeling
  • Clean Base Matte – Classic portrait look with cool, muted colours;
  • Cozy – Warm tones add a little ‘pick me up’ to your cool wintry images
  • Frost – A deeply contrasting bw preset with a hint of sepia; Matte
  • Sugar Cookie – Vanilla tones to warm up those outdoor portrait sessions
  • Spruce – A fun twist retro split tone style; Matte
  • The Blue Hour – Deep, rich colours with moody split tones that are perfect for those overcast, wintry sky sessions
  • The Blue Hour Matte – Deep, muted colours with moody split tones that are perfect for those overcast, wintry sky sessions; Matte Finish

Product Compatibility This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC (desktop), Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom Mobile. These presets are in .lrtemplate & .dng format and are compatible with desktop and mobile.

\’After\’ Images have also been retouched using our Luxe Brushes & Filters in addition to the presets used from this collection. Get our exclusive Luxe Brushes & Filters Collection for Fine Art Editing in Lightroom.

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